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Infinity GBC
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An ancient, nameless evil stirs beneath the earth, twisting the land and its people alike with its corrupting force. Two rival nations careen toward war, as a shadowy figure arms them both with unholy weapons of immense power. And a disgraced knight is called upon to overcome the centuries-old pain that divides these peoples, his own grief, and malevolent forces fanning the flames of hate. This epic tale frames a roleplaying game with a unique tactical battle system, a detailed world with over 50 explorable areas and more than 100 items, and beautiful 8-bit graphics — all to immerse you into the world of Infinity!

Originally developed by Affinix Software from 1999 to 2001 towards the end of the Game Boy Color’s retail lifespan, the shift in the market towards the Game Boy Advance (released in 2001) resulted in publishing struggles for the game. As a result, the original Affinix team went their separate ways, leaving Infinity a what-if that was formally canceled in 2002. Yet, 15 years later, following repeated interest in what was seen as one of the last Game Boy Color games, an unfinished version of Infinity was released as a free ROM in 2016. 

Now, for the 20th anniversary of Infinity, we, Incube8 Games, have assembled a team consisting of both Affinix originals and fresh faces to finally complete Infinity and give it the physical cartridge release for the Game Boy Color that it always deserved! If you are interested in helping to finally make Infinity a reality, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the Kickstarter campaign and the project.

« Time moves forward, taking us like leaves in the wind…
We meet, we brush against each other, and then fall to the earth…
Longing for the days when we shared a branch together…
Longing for the spring…
But all things end… »

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